Prior to beginning working with you, we take a look at the existing situation together. Many years of experience, constant exchange with colleagues from other disciplines and continuous further training give us a broad range of possibilities and help us, along with you – and if possible also with your child – to set goals for the therapy. These are important – after all, there is no better feeling for children than to have achieved something themselves.

In our barrier-free accessible rooms you can expect a child-friendly, versatile and modern equipment with climbing wall, therapy swing and many other options. Are you unable to come to our practice? Then we will come to your home or to your child if he or she is attending a medical facility.


Bobath therapy is particularly helpful for children with developmental delays in motor skills, balance, coordination and perception. With playful exercises they grow in their individual abilities. In this way we help them to move more confidently in everyday life.
Advantage of the concept: It does not contain a fixed scheme. This allows us to tailor the concept to each individual patient.

Craniomandibular dysfunction

This treatment is specifically aimed at the temporomandibular joint and the surrounding musculature, which suffers, for example, from teeth grinding at night. It will help to relieve tension, pain such as headaches and other problems that arise here.
Advantage of this treatment: This therapy, often in combination with techniques from osteopathy, searches for and treats causes rather than just symptoms.

Three-dimensional foot treatment according to Zukunft-Huber

This treatment is targeted at young patients with foot development disorders. The feet are stretched and mobilized with specific hand movements.
The advantage: This method views the foot three-dimensionally – i.e. not just as a standing surface, but in all its functions. In this way it optimally promotes healthy development.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy offers a wide spectrum for the prevention and correction of movement disorders and abnormalities. For this we use different manual techniques.
Advantage of the therapy: As a conventional therapy, it takes into account functional connections between different parts of the body and is also particularly gentle.

Reflective breathing therapy

This therapy helps patients with cystic fibrosis, asthma and other respiratory diseases. It consists mainly of heat treatment, various manual techniques and special respiratory gymnastics.
The advantage: breathing is stimulated and facilitated in various ways.

Cystic fibrosis treatment

This treatment improves lung function through coughing techniques, autogenic drainage and other exercises, as well as various aids from pezzi ball to respiratory therapy devices.
Advantage: This treatment is a comprehensive concept that uses various building blocks to increase chest mobility and provide lasting support for breathing.

Yoga (BDY)

Yoga provides each practitioner with a unique opportunity to meet and get to know themselves better. In a protected atmosphere, you will learn movements, postures and breathing that appeal equally to body and mind.
The advantage: you not only get to know your body better on the exercise mat, but can also take this knowledge into your everyday life – and make it easier.


Osteopathy is a method of manual and functional medicine that solves movement disorders and stimulates self-healing. It diagnoses functional disorders and treats them in the form of cranial, parietal and visceral osteopathy.
The advantage: As functional disorders usually affect the whole body, causes can be found and treated very well with this procedure.

Palliative Physiotherapy

This therapy is targeted at children with advancing diseases and the resulting shortened life expectancy. It improves well-being through movement, positioning and guidance, relieves pain and facilitates breathing.
Advantage of this therapy: It offers additional comprehensive counselling as well as a very empathic support of the child and its family.

Tiergestützte Therapie

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We provide our palliative physiotherapy in a flexible way. You decide for yourself whether you want to take advantage of our help in our practice rooms, in your home or during a stay at the Stuttgart Children’s Hospice.