Yoga (BDY)


Yoga provides each practitioner with an unique opportunity to meet and get to know themselves better. In a protected atmosphere, you will learn movements, postures and breathing that appeal equally to body and mind.

The advantage: you not only get to know your body better on the exercise mat, but can also take this knowledge into your everyday life – and make it easier.

Yoga for pregnant women


A pregnancy alters and change the body, but also the spirit. During this time Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to feel and welcome these changes and to build a first bond with your child. As a versatile system, practicing it gives you energy, creates an internal balance and provides serenity. Thus, you can look forward to the birth in a relaxed and in well prepared manner.
You can join us at any stage of the pregnancy.

Yoga for children


Children always enjoy experiencing everything – even their own bodies. At children’s yoga we combine playful learning of breathing, postures and movement sequences with a new body experience, fun and mental peace. This not only strengthens the muscles and trains coordination, but also offers space for relaxation and strengthens your child’s mental faculties for the challenges of an increasingly demanding everyday life. A good basis for finding your way around this everyday life in a more relaxed manner.



Experiencing one’s own body playfully is the core of psychomotor skills. Movement and perception combine with learning experiences to form an individual growth process that can and should be fun. In the course the children come into contact with each other in a relaxed manner. This also benefits participants for whom contact with their peers is a challenge.

Baby gymnastics


Assisting the children to discover their body and their daily growing abilities – that is our goal in baby gymnastics. Mother or father and child experience themselves as well as each other very closely and with familiarity in a child-friendly environment. Touch and movement thus lead to an even closer bond and deep satisfaction on both sides. How this also helps in everyday life is something parents also experience here.

Pelvic floor training


The prenatal period is designed to gently prepare the pelvic floor for the birth, to strengthen it again afterwards and to maintain its function in everyday life. In yoga, as well, the pelvic floor is a center that is repeatedly addressed by tensing and relaxing. Thus, the slow movements and held positions strengthen these muscles in a targeted manner. At the same time you do something good for your whole body and spirit.

Rectus diastasis training


Rectus diastasis, a (partial) division of the straight abdominal muscles after pregnancy, is not a purely cosmetic problem. It can have a noticeable effect on everyday life and health. This is why regular regression training is so important. It introduces you to various breathing techniques, trains your posture, exercises lower back and abdominal muscles as well as the pelvic floor and supports you in healthy everyday movements.


NEW – Baby massage

09:30 – 10:30


NEW – Baby massage

10:30 – 11:30