Heart and brain therapy - for the well-being of your child, from infancy onwards


Practice Philosophy

Therapies with children require the highest professional and human competence. Our little patients can only fully commit themselves to their therapy if they feel comfortable and well received. In order to ensure the success of the therapy, we therefore focus entirely on the children. We start where they can and want to go with us – and accompany them as long as they need us. In our practice in Böblingen, we create an inspiring environment with a warm, cheerful atmosphere that offers your child security and the opportunity to concentrate on the therapy and develop its potential freely.

Working with children is not only a profession for us, but also a mission – and we let your child feel this at every moment. We are also convinced that therapy must not only suit our little patients, but also their everyday lives. That is why we not only offer appointments in our practice, but also support your child at home or in the familiar surroundings of an institution.
Yours Julia Steinbach and Sylvia Holzapfel

hre Julia Steinbach und Sylvia Holzapfel
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Overview of our practice services


Manual therapy

Craniomandibular dysfunction

Reflective breathing therapy/cystic fibrosis treatment

Three-dimensional foot treatment according to Zukunft-Huber

Palliative Physiotherapy

Yoga (BDY)